About The Runner

Hi there,

 My name is Ashley and I live in the beautiful, Pacific Northwest with my husband and our three furry babies (two cats and a dog). In my professional life, I am a teacher. In my distant dreams, I run for a living, eat massive quantities of pasta and don't gain a pound...a girl can dream, right? 

Running is in my blood, I grew up with a marathon runner for a father and had always had it in my veins. It wasn't until college when I found running to be an incredibly cathartic experience. The stress of school and life itself became enjoyable and all around manageable with a short run between classes. Two years ago, I decided to train for my first half marathon and became serious about racing. I knew I could succeed but needed to commit to a goal. And I did, I completed my first half marathon in April 2012. Now I am forever hooked!

My dad & I at the finish line of my first half marathon 
The name The Small But Mighty Runner comes from my childhood. Standing tall at 5-foot-nothin', I can honestly say that I am (and probably always will be) one of the shortest people you will ever meet. However, don't let that fool you, I may be small but there is a lot of willpower in this little body!  This was where the name developed, I was small, but mighty. The name has always stuck with me. I have used this motto for myself in anything I do. Running has given me this fire that makes me feel that I can take on the world, this is what makes me mighty.

My dream is to inspire others, to encourage those who don't think a healthier lifestyle is possible. On my blog you will find my adventures in running, my tips on healthy living and recipes I cannot seem to get enough of. Join me as I pursue this journey in running shoes with these little legs carrying me every step of the way.



  1. I love your blog name! I feel the same - We can surprise people with our might even though we are small! Excited to see how your hard work pays off!

  2. Just came across the blog! Love the look! :) What do you teach? I'm a high school special ed teacher!

  3. Thank you so much! I'm a teacher in early childhood education. It's nice to meet another teacher! :)