Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Run Fido Run!

I love my dog. 

Sometimes I think I love him more than any human being should ever love their animal. But truth be told, my little man has a little anxiety issue that makes me uber protective of him. He's been having some separation anxiety issues that have been putting a damper on any plan to leave the house lately. We whipped out the good ol' google search engine and looked up: how to get rid of anxiety in dogs. We found a few tips (most of which we already do) but then came across one tip that I realized I have been completely neglecting. This tip involved exercising your dog. Now, I'm not a terrible pet owner and I do walk my dog...but I don't wear him out. This tip explained how vigorous exercise can wear a dog out so much that their anxiety can subside for periods of time.

When our dog was a little younger, I used to run with him constantly and I had to dig deep to remember why I ever stopped. Although he is a little dog, he LOVES to run. I realized that I have been so concentrated on my own  race training that I have neglected this little furry child his fitness needs. I decided to commit to running my dog with me during my morning runs. This way, I am able to get my fitness and his in at the same time! One of my biggest problems have been that I wait to walk my dog until I get home from work yet, at that point, I'm exhausted...I don't really want to go on a really long walk. So, this last week, I have made a commitment to myself and my  dog to run at least three days a week.

Last week, we got him out on 4 runs and he LOVED it! I even accidentally took him on a 4 mile run when my original route was only supposed to be 3 miles. I was amazed by how well he did and how he never even wanted to stop for a breather!

So it got me thinking...
if I feel as good as I do after exercising, how do you think our animals feel? 
And what are the benefits of running with a dog? 

From my research, I came up with 5 main reasons to run with your dog...
1. They are great workout buddies. A dog will never make any excuses. They are the most reliable work out buddies because they will always be there for you with their tail wagging. Plus, if you think about the fact that they are relying on you for their exercise, you are much more likely to get out the door in the morning to get your workout in as well!
2. And they always look happy. I think my favorite part of running with my dog is his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth while he looks back at me. This should remind you of the joy that is running. The idea of running free and enjoying the moment.
3. They're great protection. Not only are they a wonderful workout companion but they can assist in keeping you safe. They will alert you of a dangerous situation and you will never feel alone.
4.  A tired dog, is a happy dog. Dogs are less likely to take out their pent up energy on something in the house (like your shoes or the carpet) when they have been fully exercised. Think about if you couldn't exercise all day and were stuck in a small space all day, how would you feel? Probably a bit anxious!
5. Dogs are natural runners. It's in their DNA to run, they love it! Big or small, all dogs love to run in some shape or form. Your dog may not run 10 miles with you, but he can do 2, so give him a shot! Gradually train your dog to run certain distances with you.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram probably saw this photo earlier last week. This dog was POOPED!

Do you run with your dog? What do you love most about it?

Stay tuned for my next post about proper running etiquette with your dog...


  1. I don't have a dog but I've run with some other peoples dogs before. My cat has run next to me outside for two blocks before and that was hilarious! I'm always pretty weary of running past people and their dogs - I have friends who have been bitten/attacked when running past someone with a dog!

  2. That's interesting Kayla. I do think that dogs should be trained properly to run with their owner. I am thankful that our dog has never done that before. He always stays right at my side. However, I must say, I do give myself space (while running) from others with a dog, just in case. But if your dog is properly trained, it's a great form of exercise for both you and your animal!