Sunday, May 18, 2014

Yoga+Creativity Book Review+GIVEAWAY

I am good enough. I am extraordinary in fact. I have so much to give. I am a wealth of creative energy. Yoga+Creativity

Don't you just LOVE that quote? So positive and empowering! Now, I am a huge yoga fan. I have been practicing yoga for quite some time now and today, I am ecstatic to share Yoga+Creativity with you. As part of my ambassadorship with I'm Fit Possible, I was given the opportunity to review the eBook Yoga+Creativity by Lacey Haynes. 
I'm Lacey Haynes from The Yoga Emporium & I'm on a mission to liberate your creative flow through the path of yoga. This eBook will teach you yoga practices and creative tasks to bring you into alignment with your true creative self. 

Lacey Haynes is a creative renegade. She writes, acts, sings, draws, and is willing to explore just about anything creative, playful and mind-blowing. She's also a smart cookie. She's studied English Literature as an MA student, currently blogs for the Huffington Post, DoYouYoga and runs The Yoga Emporium where she writes, teaches classes and workshops and offers Yoga Lifestyle Coaching & Intuitive Healing.  She's a trained actor, having performed on stage and on screen in Canada and Germany.

More than anything, Lacey loves spreading the path of yoga and helping people like you to uncover their own innate happiness, love and creative energy.  Her students get blissed on her warm presence, intuitive and joyous energy and loving approach. She is grateful to her own stellar teachers – past, present and future – who help to light this glorious path.

 Prior to reading this book, I left my expectations at the door, ready to embrace each experience! This book incorporates the art of yoga into an experience of creative expression. Through various exercises of self exploration (free writing, singing and moments of deep breathing, etc) Lacey has designed each exercise with the intention to embrace self love and creativity.  And with the idea that each individual must work at their own pace, Lacey offers 3 different paths for all lifestyles to enjoy.

I chose the intensive 4 week path, taking each exploration activity one week at a time. I felt that I was able to thoroughly enjoy and get the most out of each day that I completed the weekly exercise.

Although I am a yogi at heart, I truly believe that even those without prior yoga experience can enjoy this book. Lacey does a great job of explaining how to properly manipulate your body into each pose and illustrates each and every one of them beautifully in her book.  I also greatly appreciated receiving videos from her, each sent to my email weekly about various yoga methods and yoga terminology.

My favorite portion of this experience was creative expression. I gained so much from this experience. After minutes of this creative writing, I was able to read my thoughts out loud. The words were profound, I was speaking my truth. I observed that on the days that I performed this exploration after work, my mind became much clearer and I felt myself slowly begin to let go of any tension that had built from the day. I found it enlightening. I felt a sense of peace after completing this exploration each day. 

This book is like a manual to release your creative energy and an exercise guide to opening your heart and mind. I learned a lot about myself through this e-book experience and highly suggest it to anyoneInterested in this book? 
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Yoga+Creative E-Book GIVEAWAY

Do you give yourself time to reflect each day? How about once a week?

What are your thoughts on Yoga and how do you embrace your very own creativity?


  1. This sounds like a great book! Love all your posts Ash <3

  2. What an inspirational book. THANK YOU so much for sharing <3

  3. This book looks absolutely amazing! I am a creative-type person (although it's taken me many years to finally be able to recognize that in myself!), and I am really wanting to get into yoga as well. I feel as though this book would really be a fantastic way to combine those two things and jumpstart a daily yoga routine for myself. I've been dying to try out the book ever since I saw another blogger review it, but can't afford to purchase it right now, so here's hoping I win the giveaway! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

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