Monday, May 5, 2014

Why I Love Barre3

Have you heard of it?

I started using Barre3 religiously about 6 months ago. I had heard about various Barre franchises and absolutely loved the idea of incorporating ballet, pilates and yoga philosophies together. However, none of these trendy Barre classes really stood out to me--I just kept thinking, "Okay, yet another overpriced fitness class..." But then I learned about Barre3 from a friend. Barre3 was different, it stood out to me because it wasn't just a trend--it was a lifestyle. So this post today is dedicated to my undying love for Barre3 and why I think it is insanely AWESOME. AND this is for anyone who doesn't know much about it and should get on the Barre3 train right now

  1. I grew up in Ballet, I miss it constantly. Barre3 allows me to use my training and continue to enjoy ballet without having to step into a dance studio. This is what drew me to Barre3 in the first place. *I should also mention that you do not need prior experience in dance. I just personally enjoy revisiting the techniques that I learned as a dancer in Barre3* 
"Balance, strengthen, and lengthen the body with moves inspired by ballet, yoga, and Pilates" --Barre3
     2.  The Barre3 Philosophy: Exercise, Nourish & Connect. And this is why I became hooked. 

Making exercise a priority and incorporating it into your day at any time

Nourishing your body with food that will only fuel your body properly

And finally, connecting with Barre3 instructors, the fundamentals of it's practice and being a part of a supportive community of individuals.   

    3.  Workout Options. I love the variety of workout options Barre3 provides for it's clients: In-studio, online or through the Barre3 app

    4.  Time constraints? No problem. Both the Barre3 app and online workouts cater workouts to whatever time you have!

   5. You can do these workouts, literally, anywhere. Majority of these workouts are made for busy moms--there are in-the-kitchen workouts, movement you can do in the park while your kids are playing or simple movements you can do from your desk at work. 

  6.  Recipes. The Barre3 blog and the Barre3 app have amazingly healthy recipes, easy for weekly meal planning!

  7. Healthy tip of the day. Love this! A healthy tip pops up on my phone daily with my Barre3 app. It helps me stay accountable and inspires me to make small changes. 

  8. "The Inch". The dreaded inch. I actually love/hate "the inch". Barre3 uses this term to describe small movement while performing poses and routines. It hurts, it burns, it feels so good and you can see results quite quickly. I also really love this idea for those of us who run--we use our large muscles constantly, however, it's the smaller muscles that are being neglected! Barre3 helps us out with that. 

  9.  Instructor feedback. The instructors are great about explaining what parts of the body you should be working and why it's beneficial to your health to work targeted muscles. The instructors are also your biggest cheerleaders--they are so positive and encouraging throughout the entire session. 

10.  Balance. I feel extremely balanced after completing a Barre3 session. I also feel strong, relaxed and ready to take on the day! 
So if you didn't know much about Barre3 before now, perhaps this is something you may want to check out. Let me know what you think and give Barre3 a try!


  1. Thank you for this! I grew up in ballet too and the barre classes I have seen do not appeal to me but this seems like something I may like. Is this an app, website???

  2. Oh good! I'm glad you enjoyed this post. Yes, Barre3 is a type of workout but you have a few different avenues to choose from: online (with $15 subscription), on the Barre3 app or in studio. Feel free to click on the links above, they should take you directly to their websites for more information. :)