Monday, October 21, 2013

Hood River Harvest Festival

Friday: AM Weights (lower body) 45 minutes + 4 mile run (on my lunch break)
Saturday: 7 Miles
Sunday: Abs and core--45 mins

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous. Those that are from the Portland area know that this great weather will not last (we get a lot of rain) but we are enjoying every single second that we have it! I personally took full advantage of the outdoors this weekend.

On Saturday morning, I was up at 5am to hit a morning run before heading out to Hood River for the day. I got 7 miles in and felt so wonderful doing it. Not only did it feel great but I had a rockin' playlist going on as well. I absolutely love when I have a good playlist to narrate my runs. I typically use Pandora because I am ADD and get bored constantly with my music choices on my iphone. Every once in a while I get a great set list lined up and Saturday was one of those days. It made every step of the run enjoyable. SCORE!

I met up with my friends Maddy and Mary Beth for some fall festival fun! We carpooled  out to Hood River before 9am. The drive was insanely beautiful. As we ventured down the freeway along winding roads, where all you can see for miles are rows upon rows of colorful trees. To our left, peaking through trees, was the Columbia River just glistening from the reflection of the sun. It just screamed Autumn. The festival happens every year but this is my first year going. The Harvest Festival is filled with local vendors, fruit and vegetable stands and a backdrop that cannot be beat (along the river). I picked up a few early Christmas gifts and afterwards, we had a little lunch outside on the patio of this cute restaurant downtown. It was the perfect day with some of the best girlfriends around. : ) Here are some photos I captured from our trip:

The apple cider was only $1 and was so good!

This guy was carving a massive pumpkin. I loved that they set up this picture frame with a hashtag for Hood River! So cute. 

The apples were so large!

Pumpkin painting for children

Just look at those trees! 
My pretty ladies

Does it get any more gorgeous?!

What did you do this weekend?

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