Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mini Playlist Makeover

I have been quite unmotivated lately. I'm not really sure what has come over me but for some reason, I'm going through a funk. Well, I am determined to get myself out of it! Sometimes it takes a small change to spark a little inspiration to get out the door. I decided to add a few new songs to my usual running playlist. Here are a few songs that may inspire you this week.

{Warning: I have incredibly random taste in my music selection.} :)

 This short playlist is a combination of both fast-paced and soothing music. I like to use the faster paced songs to get my heart rate up and to really get me in the mood to run. The calmer music is nice for enjoying the moment as I run my slower, longer distances.

Let me know what you think.

I'm crossing my fingers that this helps!

Do you have a workout mix?
What song really gets you motivated?


  1. Want to schedule a run together - for real this time? That will make us both get out there - even in the rain! Friday evening maybe!?

  2. Love this! I am totally going through a funk! I ran a total of one mile this week however, I did do other workouts. It's just so hard to go in the morning when it's cold and dark and I'm not an evening runner. Treadmills are boring....listen to me, can't you tell I need some inspiration!? Ha!
    I'm going to try your songs, I need to get pumped!