Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Blurbs

Quick snaps of my favorite moments this weekend 

Alright, keepin' this post short & sweet today! 
This weekend was full of doing literally nothing that we had on our actual and original agenda for the weekend. But for some reason, I didn't really seem to care!

We spent Friday night watching the Portland Winterhawks Hockey game, followed by a very late  dinner together (with the entire restaurant to ourselves too---yes, it was that late).

Saturday, we slept in and it was absolutely glorious. I can't remember the last time I slept in past 9 am! I head out on an afternoon distance run in honor of Meg Menzies. If you haven't heard her story, follow the links below, it's incredibly powerful. 

Photo Credit here

See her full story here

If you are interested in helping the family or offering a donation, 
please go to

We planned on a five mile hike for today but that didn't really work out...we got out to the hike site and realized that we were SEVERELY underdressed. We didn't really realize how cold it really was outside (the sun was quite deceiving) so instead, we walked a half mile down the road to one of my favorite french bakeries in NW Portland for espresso and chocolate croissants!

(LOVED the baby croissant!)

My last favorite moment of the weekend was this quote

If you can't fly, then run
If you can't run, then walk
If you can't walk, then crawl
but whatever you do, 
you have to keep moving forward
-Martin Luther King Jr.

His words continue to drive & inspire us :) 

How was your weekend?
Any fun plans?

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  1. St. Honore is delicious! Love it there! I love weekends like that - so rare to have so much time!