Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Trails To You

This weekend, my husband and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a hike with the pooch. In search of a new trail to try out, I googled "best trails for dogs" and found a list of great options. We took our hike later in the day so we wanted to go somewhere fairly close to us to ensure that we would make it home before the sun went down. 

The trails we ended up on were very much preserved nature (also known as, the WILDERNESS). There were a decent amount of people on the trail and for the most part, I felt very safe and the trails seemed open. However, there were quite a few spots that were incredibly isolated. I began to feel slightly vulnerable. As we made our way along the 4 mile loop, we observed a few runners pass by. It got me thinking about safety on the trails. I tried to picture myself running on these trails alone and I must admit that the thought made me feel a bit uneasy. 
 So how do you go about running/walking trails safely? 
Here are a few of my safety tips when hitting the trail. 

  • Never venture on a new trail alone. Take a friend or a pet with you. 
  • Tell someone that you are heading out, what trails you will be on and when you plan to be home. It may sound silly, but at least someone will know where to find you if anything were to happen. 
  • If the trail doesn't make an obvious loop, leave markers at points in the trail that curve so you can find your way back. Create a simple marker that you will remember to look for on your way back. 
  • Pay close attention to your surroundings and landmarks nearby. 
  • Always bring a cell phone for any emergency that may occur. Test that you have cell service before and during your time on the trails--make sure that it is available. 
  • Stay on established paths and do not venture into new territory. 
What precautions do you take while hiking or running on trails?

Happy trails to you! 

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