Friday, March 14, 2014

Mighty Picks

Pasta! I have been carbo loading for my race this weekend. I don't know if it is actually true that carbo loading days ahead actually helps your body store additional energy (I've read mixed research) but, either way, I've been craving pasta this week that is crammed with vegetables and covered in olive oil and parmesan cheese. 
Chocolate almond milk. It still my favorite recovery drink and after some harder workouts this week, its all I want.
I've really enjoyed my new Nike armband. It fits my arm perfectly and keeps my phone stable while running. Plus, it's hot pink, so you just really can't go wrong! :) 
Alpha Abs from Nike Training Club phone app...OH-MY-LORD. Talk about pain! My abs never get sore. I don't know if it's because I'm a runner and I use them so often or what. But this week, my husband convinced me to try this workout with him. I'm pretty sure we yelled profane words at the virtual instructor throughout the entire workout. It was brutal! My abs are still a bit sore today. 
Evening workouts. We have had some beautiful sunshine the last couple of days here in Portland. Every where you look, people are outside enjoying it as much as possible. This week, I found myself doing multiple workouts a day just so that I can get outside again. I haven't done evening workouts in a while but every so often, I really can really appreciate them. However, I was reminded why I don't typically do evening workouts--kids absolutely wear me OUT so by the end of the day, my energy is basically zapped. I felt my feet dragging a bit toward the end of my evening runs. 
(Cooper loved long walks and some short distance runs too!)
Power Song:
So I have to explain first. Portland has this new station that absolutely blows my mind. They do one newer song and one throwback song--it's pretty much amazing (the throwback songs, not the newer stuff). So this song came on in my car this week and I was like, YESSSSS! I mean, how can you NOT dance when this song comes on?? (I was car dancing!) I definitely added it to my workout mix. 

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