Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday, Trails & Sushi Dates

Happy Monday to you!
I hope your weekend was filled with beautiful memories and time spent with friends and family. 

{Grab your coffee and get ready for photo OVERLOAD}

Of course I started the weekend off with a hilly run through the neighborhood--I just love beginning my weekend with a great run! I missed a turn on my way home Friday afternoon and discovered a trail entrance on the side of the road. I decided to grab the pooch and head out Saturday morning to see how far this trail went! We were on the hunt!  
After a few miles, we found a trail! It was a bit choppy (like a lot of trails around here) but we were happy to find one. I look forward to running a bit further on it next weekend. 

After our long run, Cooper and I were beat after conquering some monster hills. (He literally laid on the floor, belly up, with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth.)
Mission: Exhaust the dog.
Nailed it!  

Saturday evening, Danny and I went out for a little sushi date to explore the area.

I tried eel for the first time! I felt so adventurous! :) 
We ended our date with some take-home espresso cake to share and a bottle of wine to drink while curled up at home in our PJs. Are we lame?? I love having our little piece of heaven, we like to call home. I know, sappy, but so true! 
Classy. Straight out of the to-go container! 
We had brunch with family on Easter Sunday. 

The table was decorated beautifully! The food was fabulous and there was a mimosa bar filled with fresh fruit, various juices and long stemmed champagne glasses--totally Pinterest worthy. We had a veggie scramble, french toast bake, fruit kabobs and antipasti (basil, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and various meats)
Don't worry, I took plenty of photos! 

How absolutely ADORABLE are these Easter basket place settings?!

Holidays always make me feel so incredibly thankful for the special people in my life. I love our best friends. They have become more than friends to me, they are family. Danny and I feel so grateful for them each and every day. Being able to spend these special moments with them mean the world to us. 

How was your Easter weekend?
What was your favorite moment?

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  1. What a beautiful Easter spread! Really cute idea of the little adult baskets on the plates. My Easter weekend was missing two of our children but glad to see they were having such a great time! My favorite moment was taking an impromptu hike on some new trails in Jacksonville. Your dad came upstairs and wanted to know if I wanted to go for a hike. I'd just dried my hair and put on my makeup. I thought, "why not"? Washed off all my face and pulled my hair back. It was beautiful! Warm, new Spring-green leaves on all the trees and not a soul in sight. I think that's my favorite Easter moment. Well, that, and the ham. ;-)