Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring In PDX

Hi there! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. 

We have really enjoyed playing hooky from work this week. It's definitely going to be rough going back. We have been unpacking and organizing like crazy people but also taking frequent breaks to enjoy this ridiculously amazing weather that Portland is having right now. 
Stay inside? 
No way. Get me out! My lily white skin is begging for some Vitamin D!

We have already scoped out new, potentially favorite coffee spots. I even tried something different this week, a lavender latte! (Surprisingly really tasty!) 
I thought it was appropriate with the beautiful, spring weather. 

I was pumped to whip out my new parachute pants I recently purchased from Nordstrom as I paired it with a colorful tank. 
And, oh hey there my dear sandal friends! Haven't seen ya in a while! 

(the pants via nordstrom) 
I'm pretty sure we took the dog on 3 walks each day. My eyes are so itchy that they are officially on fire and  I am pretty sure I almost gave myself a concussion with the sporadic, violent sneezes...
Helllooooo Spring! :)
I love our new area and am especially excited (and still HURTING) from running in our extremely hilly neighborhood. 
My dad is a great at modeling in photos ;-)

We can't believe we are finally in our beautiful home. We had so much fun showing our friends and family around this weekend. I think my favorite moment so far has been cooking in my new kitchen! I loved that my husband and I made enchiladas together as we popped open a few beers and had Pandora blasting in the background. It was a sweet, little moment in our new home. 
We feel beyond blessed and are so extremely happy.

What are you thankful for today?
Are you enjoying the weather where you are?

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