Sunday, May 18, 2014

Summer Style

Okay, so I know that this blog is considered a healthy living blog. However, doesn't healthy living also include feeling good about yourself from the inside/out? I am a strong believer that if you feel confident, you will emit confidence! And hey, I'm fine taking a slight break from the usual topics! 

So for today's post, I am daydreaming about some of my favorite looks for summer as it is just around the corner! 

Here are a few of my favorite trends, via Pinterest. 
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Wear This

Colorful Maxi Dresses

Via KendiEveryday (LOVE her style)

Scalloped shorts
via here
Mix & Match Patterns

stripes and florals.
via blog here

Lace & Pastels
Lace shirt, long orange maxi skirt and tan Channel hand bag
via here

creme pleats & lace
Casual & Comfy
Outfit idea
Maxi skirt + t-shirt + sandals  |  great spring summer outfit
via here
Tribal Prints
Tribal print shorts.
via this blog

Style This
Halo braid = sassy and charming
Gorgeous Fishtail Braid
Messy Updo's
Make Your Hair Look Gorgeous By Following Our Tips And DIY Hair Tricks
20 5-Minute Hairdos That Will Transform Your Morning Routine /
And Pair With

Ankle Strap Flats in Bold Colors
Red flats

Basket Flats

basket flats
Strappy Sandals in Pastels

Metallic Trim Faux Suede Sandals

Polish With
Love this spring color
Deborah Lippman Break For Love
OPI - Steady As She Rose
OPI Steady As She Rose
Essie Ballet Slippers

OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips

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  1. I love the shorts! And the strips and floral print together!