Monday, August 12, 2013

My Starting Line

Monday: Cross Train-- 30 minutes Elliptical, 30 Minutes abs and back *Nike Training Club
Today I begin tapering for my race in the next two weeks.

When I began this blog, I had a few goals in mind both personal and for the blog itself. I have a vision for my blog to provide the best educational value to my readers. I want to discuss topics that runners want to know about. My friend Sarah and I were just talking about this, running is so great because there is always something to learn and there is always something to work on. I love learning and talking about running. Some may call it an obsession...I call it love. I want to commit to a few goals and here is what I have come up with:

Blogging Goals:

  • Commit to 1 post every other day, if not every single day.
  • "Training Tuesdays" A day dedicated to all things training related
  • To share my knowledge and experience as well as covering topics that all runners want to know about
  • To inspire and motivate! This is a big one. It brings me personal joy to watch others feel stronger and confident with their bodies. It's more than vanity for me, it's about feeling good inside and out. I think that when you commit to a healthier lifestyle, you feed your soul with happiness. Your entire outlook on life changes for the better. 
  • To add giveaways and product reviews to my posts (Stay tuned for a great opportunity I have been given!)
Personal Goals:
  • To complete three half marathons this year. 
  • To give my running purpose: joining running groups and/or running for a cause
  • To compete in a race with my husband (something he has been wanting to do and an experience I would love to share with him)
  • To let go. To let go of how fast I am going, how far I am running and to stop stressing about my training plan. Instead, I want to rekindle my love for running. I want to allow myself to enjoy the ride. I want to stop being so hard on myself. That's the one thing about being a runner--we are so obsessive (pretty much the only area in life where I am OCD to the extreme). I want to allow myself to make mistakes and to move on. Not every race I have will be horrible because I had a terrible half marathon once. I can move past it. It's okay...forgive yourself. 
 I am completely bearing my soul with this blog. I am trying not to get discouraged by the fact that some may not care what I have to share. So with negative thoughts pushed aside, I move forward. I hope to motivate at least one person in the process. If I can do that, I know that I have been successful in this venture of mine.

 I found this amazing quote in this new book I have begun reading, The Runner's Guide To The Meaning Of Life. The quote is referring to starting lines. The starting line that is being referred to, is not just a literal starting line at a race, but it also transfers to any new and unknown situation in life. I fell in love with it so I had to share, here ya go:
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. That's the familiar old saw, I expand on it: Nothing started, nothing experienced, nothing learned, nothing finished.  
Starting lines are one of the most important stations in life. We need to do more than just avoid them. We need to actively seek them out. Otherwise, we grow stagnant. We will disappear into dark holes. 
So as I share my goals with you all, I took the first step. This is my starting line. What's yours? I would love to know! Are they personal goals? Work goals? Share them. If you haven't thought of any personal goals, think of a few you would like to accomplish and make it happen. You just have to take that first step...

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