Sunday, August 11, 2013

One Year

Friday: Arms & Shoulders *Nike Training Club
Saturday: 12 Miles
Sunday: REST

Saturday morning I was out the door for my last looooong run before my race at the end of this month. My amazing training partner and friend, Sarah, joined me. Together we braved the hilly, 12 mile course I had mapped out. {By the way, I'm a pro at mapping these insanely hill-based runs along paved roads with absolutely zero shoulder. Yep, I'm gifted in that way...} We had a great run! By mile 11, we definitely felt the pain and were ready to hydrate asap. 

We used a new product for fueling: Gatorade Endurance Chews in Fruit Punch flavor. These were awesome. I liked them because they were a nice consistency combination between a gel and a cubed chew. I typically use Cliff Shots because they aren't gooey and liquified. These chews were still a solid cube but broke down and went down quickly just as a gel does. This is important when you're in mid-run, trying to get your fuel in and do not want to stop. It gave us the jolt we needed and our stomach felt great through the entire run. So if you have not tried these, I highly recommend them. 

Fueling is something I would love to learn more about. I find the subject of running fascinating because there is so much science to it. This is a subject that I am trying to read more about. There are so many brands and wonderful products out there, however, it's a matter of finding what works best for you. This is true for anything running related--it's all about personal preference. (I hope to do a full post on fueling soon, so stay tuned!)

Saturday night, Danny and I celebrated one year of marriage. We had a great meal at a small Italian restaurant in the Pearl District. I was looking forward to a carb-filled meal and a large glass of wine since I worked for it that morning. I enjoyed dessert! We had a great night followed by drinks with some friends later in the evening. We ended the night at The Nines downtown for a relaxing "stay-cation".

I spent Sunday catching up on sleep and relaxing. I was still exhausted from our busy Saturday and decided to take a rest day. Tomorrow begins a new week so make it a great one!

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