Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Training Tuesday

You see, I have this problem...

Writing about Training Tuesdays has begun to make me feel anxious. 
I feel anxious because I am DYING to sign up for like 50 races right now...and I just cant. It's a problem. Because let's get real here, races are E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E and a huge commitment! 
{Especially when you want to commit to the amount that I am interested in}.  
I have been researching like a mad woman for races that are worth while and am trying to prioritize.  I am still in the very infant stages of my running career but see such a bright future of race possibilities ahead.  I have had some really wonderful races and some really poor race experiences. I feel that as a runner, every.single.day is a learning experience and at the end of each year, even more so! You reflect on your year of running and re-evaluate your current goals. So as I prep myself for a race line up for next year, here are a few things that are on my mind as I make my decisions:

 Do I want to run in a different state this year? What would that look like? 
Consider travel and performance*

(I have a few points on this one) 
Not waiting until the last minute to sign up for a race as the price is considerably higher the closer to the race date.
What does the race actually entail? OKAY, I'm going to admit that I am shallow and this year I want a cool race shirt for once! ALL Some of my finishers shirts are downright h-i-d-e-o-u-s! I want to rock my race shirt with pride! And if there is one thing I learned from two of my races this year is that they were extremely overpriced. I did not receive the experience that I paid for. *Something to keep in mind this go-round.

Back-to-back races
(in one month or multiple weeks span)
 I know that this is completely do-able but it is a matter of me just DOING it. 
Come on Ash, get out of your comfort bubble!!  
Back-to-back Half Marathons? I say why NOT?

Then there is the ultimate question...

Do I sign up for a full marathon this year???!?!!?

Ah! I don't know! I do have another half planned in December and I'm hoping that after completing this race, it will help me gauge my fitness level and capabilities. So...let's put this question on hold and revisit when New Years resolutions come around. Deal?! 

See!  There are so many variables to consider when choosing your race line up for the year. And oh-so-many opportunities too! {Stay tuned for my race bucket list!} Perhaps I just need to make a master list of potential races and post it next to my medals--this way I could cross each race off one by one. 

Any race suggestions? 
How do you properly plan your race schedule?
Have "Training Tuesday" topics you would like me to discuss? 
*Shoot me an email: The Small But Mighty Runner I would love to hear from you!


  1. What a dilemma! I just sign up for what I want to do but I agree, races are super expensive so I usually go for the big one's with a lot of cool swag :)
    I'm running the Disney World Princess 1/2 marathon in Feb. I've run in Florida before and was quickly reminded that humidity is a huge factor (especially when coming from a dry climate like Colorado). Yikes, I'm glad I used A LOT of Body Glide :)

  2. The Disney World Princess 1/2 is one that I also really want to do--well, a Disney race in general! :) I had an email sent to me about that race not too long ago and I have also heard from friends that it is pretty fun. How can it not be, you're in the "happiest place on earth", right?! Good for you! As far as running in Florida, that's a great point about traveling, paying attention to the time of year and the weather that comes with it! I give you a high five for running in that humidity, I can only imagine different that must feel coming from Colorado! Thank you for the comment Sami and keep running! :)