Monday, October 28, 2013

I am: #MightyProud

So, as I have begun this journey into blogging, I have become inspired by not only fellow bloggers but most of all...YOU! I want to this blog to inspire and motivate others to move, and not only to move but to share your experiences--this is where you come in...

You see, I utilize Twitter and Instagram to capture fitness moments. I want YOU to share your fitness moments with me. Here is how it works...

Take a photo & add a caption: 

I run to watch the sun rise every morning.

3 miles in, on this beautiful Autumn morning!

It could be a photo of the scenery around you during your outdoor exercise experience,
 a photo of you taking the stairs instead of the elevator in your office building,
a photo of your feet while doing yoga (and so on)
{As long as it captures a moment of YOU, where you made yourself proud.}

Now either send the photo to me: or upload it to a social media site and tag me:

 Instagram: TheSmallButMightyRunner 
Twitter: @AMightyRunner

with the Hashtag:



 @TheSmallButMightyRunner 3 miles in, on this beautiful Autumn morning #MightyProud

The hashtag #MightyProud came from the underlying meaning of this blog: we are all mighty when we choose to make ourselves proud every day. This is what fitness means to me--bettering myself every day. So, with that being said...

If you send me your photos, I will post them on my blog. I will not post names, only your photo with the caption you provide. Think about submitting photos where you went out of your way to be physically active and made yourself proud. Send as many photos as you would like, as often as you would like!  I am blown away by the hard work and dedication so many of you commit to, to stay healthy and I want to give YOU a shout out for your efforts. I hope to post all of your submissions every Friday. 

Remember: #MightyProud

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