Friday, November 1, 2013


#TheSmallButMightyRunner #Lunch4theFit #MightyProud

I run to feel like a part of nature #MightyProud

I run to feel like a part of nature #MightyProud
#MightyProud I got out of bed this morning!
To be a healthy weight. #MightyProud
kmMovingForward  Love runs in my new town!  #MightyProud

(And even I participated this week!)

Squeezed a run into my lunch break. #MightyProud

I absolutely loved receiving these photos and watching so many of them appear on TwitterInstagram and Facebook(I didn't post instagram photos to ensure privacy) 

* If you would like your photo posted on Fridays, send it to me: You can also post your fitness photo to me on any social media site by tagging @TheSmallButMightyRunner (with the hashtag) #MightyProud

Thank you all for your hard work and for participating this week. Have a wonderful weekend and keep pushing your fitness to make yourself #MightyProud!

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