Monday, November 4, 2013

Phone App: Must Have!

 As a runner, I will admit, many of us think we are invincible. We may not say that out loud but we always assume, I am safe, why would I ever need something else to improve my safety? Well, you may think you are safe, but there is still a slim and very possible chance that you could be involved in an incident where you are put in danger. In this sport, our body is completely vulnerable to the elements, vehicles and injuries. That is where this awesome program comes in. It's called Road ID. Road ID is both phone app and/or an actual identification tag that allows you to customize personal medical and emergency information. While providing an additional piece of mind, exercising becomes much safer. I STRONGLY recommend (at least) the phone app anytime you go out to exercise. I have begun using it much more often now that the time has changed and it has begun to get darker earlier and stay darker longer. It's just a smart thing to do. Now let's get into the deets about this fun, lil' app, shall we?

What is Road ID and what is it's purpose? Road ID is basically an identification tool for runners, bikers, triathletes and walkers. There are a variety of identification tools. There is a bracelet that can be customized and looks something like this:

There are also ankle tags, dog tag necklaces (and also legitimate tags for your dog) and shoe tags. (You can also customize the bracelet with badges but they aren't necessary for purchase with the identification tag). 

How about a phone app? Road ID has a phone app too! I like the app because I always carry my phone with me while I run (incase of an emergency). If you stop moving for five minutes, it alerts your emergency contacts (you have a minute to cancel the alert before it reaches your contacts). The customized lock screen has the same idea as the identification band--it lists your full name, location and phone numbers of emergency contacts. *Another cool aspect of this app is that you can customize your medical needs, for example: Type 2 diabetes or allergic to penicillin <-- u="">SO
smart to  have! This will alert medical responders if anything happens to you. 

Let me walk through the app with you all...

Why should I use this? I posted a few weeks ago about safety in the dark and the importance of certain items--this item should be added to that list. As I mentioned earlier, we are not invincible, especially in the dark. We may trip and fall, get hit by a car or get attacked by an animal in the just never know. It is always important to come over-prepared than under-prepared! 

I recently began following #RunChat (a chat about all things running) on Twitter and last week, they held a chat about Road ID. A man submitted a photo of his face, cut, bruised and covered in blood--it was his personal testimonial about how Road ID saved his life. It really hit me. These are real people whose lives have been saved by wearing a simple identification band with important contact and medical information. I always let my husband know that I am leaving for a run when he is awake. However, sometimes he is still sleeping and then there are times that I leave and it is pitch black outside. Alerting family members via text message alert is a great way to keep your loved ones notified on your whereabouts. I also feel like this is especially important for women! Not to downplay men's safety but as woman, we always feel like we need to be on the defense while exercising outdoors even more so, don't you think? You do not want to feel vulnerable. 

I knownow how important it is to be cautious and I will begin to use my Road ID app much more frequently. So now, I would like to see all of you downloading the Road ID app to your phone! If you don't run with a phone, try the arm band or shoe tag. I cannot stress enough HOW IMPORTANT this product is to your safety. 

What do you do to stay safe while exercising? Do you alert your family members or friends? 
I want to know. 
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