Thursday, November 14, 2013


What a crazy, busy, insane, and EXHAUSTING week! Work felt overwhelming this week and unfortunately, my blog posts suffered. Let's just say I fully indulged in wine and brownies after hours--not a healthy choice, but a necessity to survive the week. Next week I am determined to make it a bit more productive. Needless to say, I am totally looking forward to a quiet weekend AND my husband just so happens to have a Saturday off--yessssss--this does not happen often. I see long morning runs, brunch dates, shopping and bubble baths in my future. Oh, lord-all-mighty, can it just be the weekend already?! (Deep sigh...)

Alright, ALRIGHT...back to business! 
Check out this week's #MightyProud photos:

This morning's dark, cold RUN results. Thank you "fear of getting hit by a car" for those negative splits! Ha! #MightyProud

5:30 am ~ dread-mil, 5 sweaty miles ~ weights. Boom! Bring it Tuesday! #MightyProud

Hot Yoga. 7am. 5pplshowedup #MightyProud

It's not about the road that gets left behind, but what's still ahead of you #whyirun #MightyProud

Kayla: Resting my foot from running but still getting my workout in on my bike! #MightyProud

Because something is better than laying in bed. #MightyProud

Work hard, play harder #MightyProud

Sarah Smith you rocked it this week on Instagram! Awesome job to all! This week I know that I had a difficult time with my allergies. They completely kicked my butt this weekend but luckily, this week I was able to get them under some sort of control. Thankfully, I was still able to get some great workouts in every day this week. Here were my workouts from the week:

Monday: 3 miles with the dog
Tuesday: 3 miles with the dog
Wednesday: 4 miles (8:45 min/mi)
Thursday: 40 mins arms & upper body (NTC)
Friday: 2 miles with the dog, 30 mins legs & lower body (NTC)


  1. I tweeted a #mightyproud! You must not have gotten it! I was #mightyproud that I got in my after work run and that I was able to do it without my foot bothering me!

  2. Oh no! I didn't see it Kayla. I got your bike one in though. :) Could you send it to me? I could either add it to this week or next weeks posts.