Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Whereabouts

Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 5 miles with the husband and dog + 5 miles solo = 10 miles

This weekend was so nice and relaxing! 
Danny and I started our weekend off right with a little brunch action at Mothers Bistro 
the portobello mushroom scramble is to die for. I just love this place. We spent the rest of the day getting all errands done so we could have our entire Sunday to just relax. I did stumble upon this little beauty while doing some grocery shopping and I am VERY excited about it.

We spent the night in with a warm fire, a movie and some delicious wine. 

Bowzer enjoyed the fire too

Sunday we went on a family run together. I really wish I would have captured some photos because it was so beautiful outside! I needed to get 10 miles in this weekend and practice my new fueling methods. I practiced with Island Boost and OH MY GOSH, THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. 
This was the flavor I used, Passion. 
Seriously, I cannot say enough about this product! The package was super easy to open while running, it was a very watery consistency (made with coconut water) and was not at all thick or goopy which usually leaves me feeling sick and thirsty. My stomach felt great while running and it felt like it hit me immediately. I am currently preparing for a race in mid December and trying to get this fueling thing down the right way this time around. You may recall a little fueling mishap from my previous post about the Wine Country race in September. So I am planning to use this fuel next weekend for my next long run and see if it still works well for me. If it does, I'm putting in a fork in it, calling it done and making Island Boost my go-to fueling product. This stuff rocks! Seriously, check out their site. I have issues with my sensitive stomach and after my last race, I was determined to find something that truly worked for me. Island Boost is made with real products and catered to those with a sensitive gut. 

Here's some quick notes on Island Boost:

The glucose in Island Boost is absorbed into the blood stream at more than double the rate
the body can produce by breaking down stored energy. Island Boost helps deliver the energy
you need to perform and diverts the body from breaking down muscle mass. This is the key
to giving you fast fuel to have energy on tap for when you muscle-down to power through a
workout or smoke the competition. It's also the vital key to helping prevent lactic acid build-up
in your muscles to help ward off cramping.
When you’re working hard, you’re sweating out electrolytes. We wanted ingredients that are naturally saturated with electrolytes and micronutrients. It’s not cheap to do, but we believe these small distinctions lead to big results. We use all natural coconut water, famed for its naturally rich properties of electrolytes that far supersedes other “power foods”.

See, you've gotta get your hands on these things! Check them out here to learn more. 

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? 
Did you make any fitness goals this weekend?
Have you used Island Boost before? What was your experience?

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  1. Ashley when ur using a boost like islandboost at what mile do u take it? I have v yet to try any boost but I think I should to really test how far I can run.

  2. Great question Sherelle! Typically it is suggested to take fuel every 30-45 minutes when running long distances. However, I usually take it by "feeling" at this point. Fueling is very tricky. It takes a lot of practice during your longer distance runs. I would suggest practicing on runs that are 8 miles or longer while training. Its the most beneficial when you feel your body needing that extra "kick". If you have more questions about fueling, feel free to email me and I can give you some more tips if you're curious:

    Thank you for your question Sherelle!