Friday, November 8, 2013


Well, today is Friday. You know what that means, #MightyProud photos! Here ya go! 

5:30 spin class #MightyProud

Hot yoga #MightyProud

So I can be the best me possible #WhyIRun #MightyProud

Rain, dirt & goosebumps #MightyProud

Sometimes saying NO just isn't an option #MightyProud

6 miles in the cold dark Oregon morning, but today just became a kick ass day! #MighyProud 
Lunch break trail run #MightyProud 

Pushing through the pain and giving this new knee brace a shot. #MightyProud

Moving up a weight while lifting and to be a stronger ME #MightyProud

Not letting my end of the day exhaustion and the weather get in the way of my commitment to my dog's fitness . #MightyProud
To push myself as hard as I can during that last mile #MightyProud

To set a healthy example for my children. #MightyProud

Thank you again for all who participated this week! I have been getting so many photos tagged to me on instagram and twitter, it is so inspiring to see everyone moving! 
If you would like your photo posted on my blog, send it to:
Remember, anyone can send a photo--no matter how "big" or "small" your fitness moment is. It's about pushing yourself and sharing your proud and committed moment! It may initially sound silly to take a photo of yourself but, make the effort to capture that fitness moment, you never know who you may be inspiring! Who inspired you this week?

I also just realized that I never posted my weekly workouts, so here they are.

Monday- 30 mins lower body (Nike Training Club) + 2.5 miles with the dog
Tuesday- 4.82 miles (easy pace 9:02 min/mi)
Wednesday- 30 mins upper body (NTC)
Thursday- Rest Day

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