Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Celebrities Run Marathons Too!

First off, how fantastic was that extra hour this weekend? I hate it when the clocks "fall back" as I am not a fan of the additional darkness, but I did however enjoy the extra hour of sleep that I so desperately needed. Sunday morning, after sleeping in a bit and with coffee in hand, I turned the TV on to ESPN to catch the live coverage of the ING NYC Marathon. I get such a motivational high from watching the elite runners finish those last, exhausting miles. The ESPN coverage showed Priscah Jeptoo leading the pack of the women's elite group in the last mile. I couldn't help but be such an over-analyzing runner to notice her absolute terrible form. I watched her legs hit the ground and fly back out like rubber, Gumby legs. I mean, I can't really judge her, girlfriend was running like 5 minute miles and killin' it in first place but my gosh, it just looked so painful! I just kept thinking about how exhilarating  it would feel to complete a marathon and actually win it! And can we just talk about how amazing it would be to run a marathon in NYC?

Marathons have been on my mind like crazy lately. I was reading a bit more about the marathon and noticed that a few celebrities ran as well. Fun fact--I love celebrities even more when I find out that they run. I know, shocking, right? someone because they run? Who would have thought! ;-) Anyway, here are a few celebrities that ran this weekend in the ING NYC Marathon and their times:

Summer Sanders: 3 hours, 24 mins

(Yes! From Figure It Out on Nickelodeon...oh yeah, and she's an Olympic swimmer--what she is actually known for) 

Patrick Wilson: 3 hours, 32 mins

Bill Rancic: 4 hours, 57 mins 

(Bill's reason for running was very inspiring--he ran for Guiliana's breast cancer foundation to raise money and awareness. He began the race in DEAD LAST place and for every runner he was able to pass, he raised one dollar. Apparently, he raised close to $30,000! So awesome!)

                                         Christy Turlington Burns: 4 hours, 35 mins

Pam Anderson: 5 hours, 41 mins 

(I don't even want to know how she managed to strap those melons down while running 26.2 miles! I'm sure it was painful...) 

And then I began to wonder, what other celebrities have run marathons? 

Edward Norton 3 hours, 48 mins

 (My Boy) Ryan Reynolds 3 hours, 50 mins...he just got like 5 times hotter.

Ryan Reynolds marathon

Al Roker 7 hours 9 mins 
Al Roker marathon

Sean "P Diddy" Combs 4 hours, 19 mins
Sean Diddy Combs marathon

Katie Holmes 5 hours, 29 mins 
How did she run in those pants?!
Shia LeBeouf 4 hours, 35 mins

Oprah 4 hours, 29 mins

Will Ferrell 3 hours, 56 mins

So then I think to myself, if they can do it, why can't I?

Do you have a goal that you would like to achieve? 
Did you watch the NYC Marathon this weekend? What were your thoughts?

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