Friday, November 22, 2013

My #MightyProud

Have you ever been told something that literally knocked you off your feet and hit you dead in the face like, Wow, I really needed to hear that right now
That is what happened to me this week.
I came across these three phrases:

Do what makes you uncomfortable.
Exchange doubts for a can-do attitude.
Foster relationships that lift you higher.

The first phrase hit me the hardest this week. Do what makes you uncomfortable. What?? Why would I ever put myself in an awkward and uncomfortable position?

Well, here's the thing...there is no room for growth if you do not allow yourself to be put in uncomfortable situations. Think about it. Think about your they make you feel uncomfortable? Do they require extra work that doesn't necessarily fit as easily into your schedule as it is now? That may cause discomfort as you have to think about rearranging your schedule. Or, does it require you to put yourself out there in front of a large group of people that could potentially judge you? Really think about what it is that is preventing you from your goals--chances are, it's only your fear that is holding you back.

This week, I chose to share my own #MightyProud moment with you all. 
My moment has to do with going outside of my comfort zone. You see, I have a tendency to be reliant on others for security and comfort in certain situations. I typically don't feel comfortable going to any sort of event or a gathering of people where I don't have confirmation that someone familiar will be there. I do feel that I have an outgoing personality (when I feel comfortable) but I can also be extremely shy when it comes to new and unfamiliar situations. I think my biggest fear is that I won't make the right impression or maybe it's that I will look silly standing a loner.

Well, here's the thing, last week I was invited to a running event called, G.O.H.A.R.D. (Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day). I had originally wrangled a few friends and my husband to come with me to the event. Every aspect of the event sounded like something I would really enjoy. But then, as the week continued, everyone had some sort of work commitment come up at the very last minute, so they were going to be unable to attend. This made me feel uneasy.
  "I really want to go to the event because it sounds like so much fun but I won't know anyone... 
and I'll have to hug strangers... 
and I may not get home until really late..." 
 and, and, AND!  
All these thoughts ran through my mind. But then I realized...the main concern was THE UNKNOWN. I don't know what it will be like or what to expect--I've never been to this kind of event before and I couldn't predict what the outcome would be. 
But then I stumbled upon that passage...Make yourself uncomfortable. It was like I was meant to read it at that very moment. I let it sink in. How will I grow if I don't allow myself to even tip toe out of my comfort zone?? That's what personal growth is and it is completely necessary for me! I realized that I was merely making excuses and this was hindering my potential to explore something new. So...with a lot of positive self-talk and encouragement from my husband and my friends to "go without them"....I did.

I did it all on my own...alone! And man, am I glad I did! I had the BEST time! I met one of my running idols (Kara Goucher) as well as a few new running friends. I even connected with one runner and together we made plans to run together soon. YOU SEE! It's about taking that baby step. It's scary as HELL to do but it's worth it. I had to tell myself, SO WHAT if I look stupid to someone else. Why focus on the negative outcomes that could potentially occur? Instead, I chose to focus on what I would be missing if I chose not to go. And this bothered me even more. I really wanted to go but if I didn't go, would I regret it?? Now I am absolutely sure that I made the right choice to go for it. And my gosh, can I just say how HAPPY the running community is. I mean, come on! Who holds an event about hugs?! People of all shapes and sizes came to the event. It was so uplifting, enjoyable and all around FUN.

It just makes me thankful for these experiences and it makes me grateful that I can share these personal trials with you. Are you currently facing a fear? Is something holding you back from accomplishing your goals because of the unknown? We are only given one life to make what we want out of it. Life is WAY too short to be concerned about "looking stupid in front of others," the possibility of failure or to not give it your all and to take chances every single day.

Think about it.

I want you to think about your goals and to step out of what is comfortable for you.
*Set a goal, right now.
*Write it down on a piece of paper.
*Make a line down the middle of the paper
(one side is pros, one side is for challenges to accomplish this goal)
*Now make notes for both sides (pro & challenge)
*For every challenge listed, create a side note next to it on how to overcome this challenge
Look at your list now...not so scary anymore, is it? The pros always seem to outweigh the challenges.

This is about overcoming fears, obstacles and barriers. It is also personal accountability and removing excuses from your vocabulary.
This is how you become the best you, you can be. 

Here are some photos from the event:

Each runner was given a bag of beads (all one color) at the door. The goal was to go around to other runners and find a different color bead then the ones that you were given until you had all five colors. In order to exchange beads, you had to offer a hug. Even though it was a little awkward at times, everyone had fun and totally went with it.  
Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano demonstrating what an "inappropriate" hug is for Hug A Runner Day. (a little blurry...terrible lighting)

This was an "appropriate" hug.

Meeting new friends and giving out hugs left and right!

Kara and I! So, are we like BFFs now that we've had our picture taken together, right?! I even tweeted her that night (probably not even her, probably her assistant who is told to "like" every comment sent her way) and said how much I idolized her and attached this photo. Well, she "favored" my photo. I feel like we are forever connected... :) Ha! Kidding..  

Representing GO HARD!! 


  1. That's pretty exciting to meet the Gouchers! I found you from SPA and I was looking at your about page (totally stalking you!) and I saw you and your dad wearing OSU hats. GO BEAVS!! (I graduated from OSU a while back). And I'm definitely the shy, stay in my comfort zone type of person. Gotta get out of that so I can have awesome experiences like you did!

  2. Aw, thank you! Yes! I am a fellow OSU alum. Thank you Kiley for the comment! I'll have to stalk, I mean, check out your profile too! ;-)