Monday, December 2, 2013

Runner's Holiday Gift Guide

Well, it's officially December, you know what that means...Christmas time! 
Ahh, my favorite time of the year...
So as we all scramble to get gifts for the ones we love, I have a few perfect gift ideas for the runner in your life. 

The Runner's Holiday Gift Guide

Runners World
1 year subscription to Runners World Magazine--$12
This gift is perfect for runners of all ages and experience levels. Every issue offers training tools, personal stories, recipes and advice--everything RUNNING!

Get the one you love the gift that keeps on givin'! With a StrideBox membership, it's Christmas every month for runners. From protein bars to safety lights, StrideBox offers runners an opportunity to learn about new products catered to the running community. This is hands down, the best thing I ever bought myself.
 One year subscription is $15

"The Grid"

Now, I don't own one of these but they are definitely on my own list of Christmas wants. This portable foam roller is perfect for someone on the go. For the traveling runner in your life, they need this! Foam rollers are great tools to release the lactic acid that builds in your muscles, creating what we know as, "sore muscles". So after a hard run, this foam roller will REALLY come in handy! (These foam rollers also come in a variety of sizes, if you are looking for an every day foam roller, I suggest checking out the larger versions of "the grid" model.)
"The Grid"-$25
Flip Belt

I just found out about this awesome product! It holds everything you might need on a run. Speaking from a runner's perspective--training can often make you feel like a pack-mule. Between the packages of running fuel, my water, keys and a cell phone, I stash these items wherever they will fit. This tool is great because it fits perfectly on your hip as a large pocket.
Flip Belt-- $28.99 (Comes in a variety of colors too!)
Still not sure about the Flip Belt? Check out the YouTube video below:

ProCompression Marathon Socks

On my favorite list, this would be the ProCompression marathon sock. If you love your runner, you need to get them a pair of compression socks. They're amazing-- like a giant hug to your feet and calves. ProCompression also makes arm, quad and calf sleeves. The sock above is their newest release, the holiday sock. How can you get any better than that?
ProCompression Marathon Socks--$50 

Island boost

This is a great stocking stuffer! For runners who enjoy trying new products, check out Island Boost. Known for their natural ingredients and no-sickness promise to those with a sensitive stomachs, this is a great product to own! Give the gift of running fuel to your runner!
Island Boost--$2.50 each 

Oiselle Rundies

For the lady runner in your life, she will get a kick out of these undies! Named after training runs, your runner can choose her workout according to her underwear. It's a fun stocking stuffer idea!

For the furry runner in your life, check out Rad Dog's leash products. This leash gives owners the option to have control over their pet while at the same time, it offers the animal the ability to run freely. Check out the video below:
Release-N-Run Leash --$39.95

Nike Shield Flash Jacket

If you're going for the big stuff this Christmas, this is THE gift! With it's reflective, moisture-wicking material, this running jacket is perfect for a runner who runs at night (and very early morning). Check out the photo below to get an idea of it's reflective abilities:
Nike Shield Flash Jacket--$350

Now... for an all around fun way to encourage physical activity and healthy habits, check out the Nike Fuel Band. Now in a variety of colors! 
Nike Fuel Band

Nike + Fuel Band SE--$149
And for the more "fashionable" person in your life, try the rose gold fuel band 
( sold for a limited time only!)

 Nike + Fuel Band Rose Gold Edition--$169

 What's on your Christmas list this year?
Do you have anything you would add to this list?
Have you tried any of these products?

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