Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Random Thoughts: Sick Runner Edition

I have been battling a bug for what feels like the ENTIRE month of January. I spent the day at home trying to get some additional rest and hoping to kick this ridiculous thing. I hate being home sick. Who likes to use their vacation time for sick days? Barf. Well, I obviously didn't exercise today (or yesterday...major sad face) so instead, I thought that I would use today to share:

I literally watched the Food Network all day long. Best recipes of the day: Bacon & Butter Popped Popcorn (aka--a heart attack in a bowl) and Beer Cheese Fondue with italian sausage and crostini. Oh yeah, did I mention that the theme of the day was Superbowl snack foods? I was drooling. At least I now I have ideas of food to make for the boys this weekend!

It's extremely frustrating to watch the Food Network when you feel too sick to get up and actually make yourself food. I could really use a personal assistant about now...that...or Giada's personal phone number on speed dial. Both would be incredibly beneficial while ill.

Peeling myself off the couch and walking the dog around the block was the absolute highlight of my day. I could feel my muscle mass slowly decreasing by hour 8 on the was time to get up and move. The fresh air was nice too. 

While driving to the doctor's office today, I literally cursed every runner I saw out today. I hate that I can't run right now. I crave it like a drug. It's seriously torturous to watch runners when you cannot run. Am I a bad person or do other runners feel this way too? Lord help me if I ever get an injury that prevents me from running ever again. 

Shaun T is the man. Did you know that he has like 15 different workout videos?! Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, The T25...the man must be rollin' in the dough. Did you also know that his promos play for like 2 hours before ANY real shows are on in the morning? And that they were are on 10 of the 15 channels we actually have! Let's just say that I am officially well versed on the Shaun T philosophy. I watched 15 different inspirational stories about people who lost 50 lbs and acquired 6 pack abs in 10 weeks. I'm not gonna to lie...I am very tempted to buy the Insanity Workout Series now. 8 pack abs, HERE WE COME! {kidding}

When I wasn't sleeping today, I was obsessing about what I could do for my blog. I work full time so any free time goes directly to working on this blog. I am always thinking about how to make it better and ways to make it more appealing to my audience. When I'm not sleeping, I am literally always thinking about this blog. 

It's extremely hard for me to rest when I'm home and know that there's laundry that could be done, races to register for, ambassador applications I should probably apply for, dusting that I have been putting off for months cleaning that needs to be done...ahh! The list goes on. My brain literally never rests. This whole "resting at home" thing is not working out for me today. Anyone else do this??

There are absolutely ZERO decent television shows on during the week. Nothing. Except when 2:00 rolls around, Giada and Barefoot Contessa comes on at that time. :) 

I could have slept all day but then I would have felt like a useless member of I didn't (but wished I would have). 

It makes me happy that I had a running magazine waiting for me in the mail today. Race Center NW sent me their magazine of all 2014 events. I am now going to curl up in bed with the mag, some tea and my pup and hope to feel well by the morning.
 I hope you all had a wonderful hump day and that it was much more eventful than mine.

Tell me about your day. 
Any great workouts completed today?
Anything exciting happen?
Please will make me feel better:)  


  1. While I love running and CrossFit, my 17 yr old son and I have actually started doing Insanity once a week-just to shaje things up. I figured after a yr of CrossFit it would be no kicked my butt! We just did a new one yesterday and I loved enough I got up and did it again this morning. As much as I love it I can't wait for good weather so I can get out and run!

    1. Thats awesome! It looks like a hard work out! It's nice to hear from someone who's tried it. I'm ready for good weather too--so wanting to run in sunshine (and in the daylight for once!)