Friday, January 31, 2014

Mighty Picks

Oranges. I have been devouring them all week. It's all I've been craving since being sick. 

Peppermint Tea. The sick runner's drink of choice.

Bearded Bros Radical Raspberry Lemon bars. Get yours when you enter into my GIVEAWAY (you have until Sunday to enter before the winner is drawn on Monday!)

Yoga. The stretching and focused breathing has helped relax and calm my body while feeling body aches and sinus pressure all week. Running has unfortunately taken a back seat this week...

This is more of a fitness move--I have loved the side twists in yoga this week. With one leg crossed over the other leg's thigh, I raise my arm toward the thigh and twist my body in a similar direction. Slow deep breaths, held for a moment and then slowly released have helped me concentrate on my breath and center. 

Power Song:

What were your favorite moments or picks of the week?

1 comment:

  1. Side twists are heaven after a night of sleeping all curled up which I tend to do a lot!