Friday, February 28, 2014

Heading Out Of Town!

Alright friends, another busy weekend planned for this runner! I'm heading out to Seattle this morning to run the Hot Chocolate 15k on Sunday. I'm looking forward to THIS at the finish line! 
Nothin' but chocolately goodness!

I have a few great posts planned for next week so stay posted for those. I know it has been very quiet here at The SBMRunner but fear not! I will be back! 

Well, I've better finish packing since I'm leaving fairly soon...I have about 7 shirts, 4 pair of pants and 6 possible race outfits for 2 days in suitcase won't shut and I haven't even added my shoes yet...eeek! I'm THE WORST when it comes to packing. I don't do so well with the whole "less is more" me, more is BEST when it comes to packing. Hey, you never know what could happen when you travel, I come prepared

Have an awesome weekend friends! 
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