Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hello Seattle!

I just returned from a fun-filled girls weekend packed with shopping, fresh seafood, a lot of Starbucks and the Hot Chocolate 15k in Seattle, Washington!

My friend Sarah and I originally planned to go to Seattle for a fun run called The Hot Chocolate 15k, we decided to make a three day weekend of FUN out of it. 
We began the trip early Friday afternoon with coffee in hand.
After a quick 3 hour drive, we finally made it. We checked into our amazing hotel and grabbed a quick bite to eat--we were off to explore the city!
Beautiful fireplace

lobby and dining area
We stayed at The W Hotel and it was beautiful! They had great Happy Hour drinks and the place was HOPPIN' too! 

We wandered along the streets of downtown Seattle and stopped here,

Now, I am a bit of a nail polish fanatic. I also love the brand Julep! We stopped in and came across $4 polishes (last season's polish on sale). SCORE!!! Now, those of you that don't know, this brand of polish typically runs about $14 a bottle, so $4 for one was pretty legit. 
We definitely snagged a few--by far, best shopping find during the trip!

I came away with these four

We stopped into Anthropologie (for fun...we have one here in Portland too) but I found THIS dress. I wanted to die--it was so amazingly gorgeous! The picture doesn't even do it justice. Trust me, it was adorable. All $138 of it! (giant sad face on the price)

We also had some great food! We ventured into Capitol Hill for some fish & chips and a good beer Friday night. We found a small pub called, Quinns. They had a cool atmosphere, great food choices and really tasty beer!

We really had a lot of really amazing food in Seattle--I don't think we had one thing that I could possibly complain about! 

We made sure to take a stroll through Pikes Place Market as well...

Super yummy homemade bagel with cucumber and tomato

And of course, we went for a scenic 5 mile run around the pier and on a running trail along the waterfront. It was gorgeous. We ran, stopped to snap a few photos, then continued running again. Here a few quick shots Sarah took.

We had an amazing weekend. Every second was enjoyable. Girls weekend=success!
Stay tuned for my Hot Chocolate 15k race review later this week! Alright, I'm off to unpack, watch the rest of the Oscars and get my beauty rest before a new week begins!

How was your weekend?
Did you watch the Oscars?


  1. I would love to visit Seattle - This is one of the places on our bucket list ( husband and I ). Your hotel looks fabulous! And that run on the pier- love it!

  2. Mary, you must! It's a lot of fun in the summer! Let me know if you ever end up going and i'll tell you how to get down to the pier onto that trail. :)