Saturday, March 29, 2014

GPS Failure & A Packing Extravaganza!

Monday: Barre3 (30 Mins)
Tuesday: 4 miles (9:00min/mi)
Wednesday: Barre3 (40 mins)
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 5k (issues with the GPS watch but I would estimate ~8:30min/mi)

Good morning and happy Saturday to you! 
Wow. Words cannot describe how happy I am that it is Saturday. This has been one heck of a week! But hey, it can only get better from here, right? 
(At least that is the way I am looking at it) 

A little after work beer was extremely necessary this week. (Girliest IPA you'll ever drink, so good!) 
Although, I'll be a bit absent here and there in the next couple of weeks, I thought that I would try to jump in and give you a few updates on the week...

I had some great workouts this week and am really trying to take it easy as things have been quite stressful over here in the SBMRunner household. The housing process has not been the smoothest with things that we have been unable to control. So I am just taking plenty of yoga breaths and running my little heart out in the mean time! 

I was super bummed yesterday as I tried to complete my 5k for Licorice&Olives Virtual 5k Race (and incase you missed it, check out her guest post on the SBMR here). My Nike GPS watch went haywire and was timing me slower as I sprinted faster, make sense to you? No, me either. So frustrating. Oh well, at least I got out there and ran a 5k! I am hoping to get out tomorrow morning during my long run, just time my 5k from there and then keep going. 

Here are a few rainy photos from my morning run

I ran on the paved trails close to where we live

Please pardon my pastey white (and somewhat red) legs...


Well, this weekend, I will be doing a WHOLE LOT of this:
All my boxes are from the kitchen at work. Can you tell??


And that will pretty much be the highlight of my weekend:) 

And now, it's time to get a little Barre3 action in to stay balanced and focused throughout the day! Make sure to stay tuned for some more fun posted from my Q&A series with fellow running and fitness bloggers! Have a wonderful weekend friends! 

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