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{Q&A} Kourtney From Lagniappe Fitness

Alright gang, today is Day 1 of my Q&A series with some of my fellow running/fitness bloggers! I'm so excited for you to get to know these incredibly inspiring individuals! 

So first up, I have Kourtney from the Lagniappe Fitness blog. 

Hi there!
Thank you for taking the time to answer a few fun running related questions for us.
Let’s get to know you a bit better, shall we?

1.    Tell us a little about yourself and your blog. What inspired you to create a blog?
I am a personal trainer and running coach, and an avid runner and weightlifter myself.  I spent a lot of my life avoiding activity like the plague (seriously, hated gym class and all sports!), but that all turned around when my husband challenged us to start running about five years ago.  I went from a 5k to a marathon in three years, and I went from jobs that I didn’t love and just weren’t the right fit, to the absolute best job in the world.  I love sharing my love of health, fitness, and running with clients, and helping them reach their active goals!

I created my blog as a part of my business’s website.  I wanted to be able to share knowledge and pieces of what I do with a wider range of people. 

2.    When you’re not running, how do you stay active?
I strength train and Spin.  I love lifting weights!  I am also a Certified Spinning Instructor, so I do my own little mini-classes, or try out other instructors around town.  I also like to do yoga when I can fit it in.  My husband and I enjoy hiking as well, when the weather is nice enough!

3.     If we took a peek into your gym bag, what would we find?
Mostly business related stuff, client files, notebooks, workouts, etc.  Always business cards, pens, a big water bottle, and snacks.  When I’m on the go, a change of gym clothes, deodorant, and face wipes!

4.    If you could only run in one shoe for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Mizuno Wave Rider.

5.    What is your pre-race (or race day) tradition?
Get up 2-3 hours before race time.  Eat a big breakfast.  (For me, that consists of 2 eggs with cheese, steel cut oats with chocolate almond butter and milk, 2 turkey sausage links, a piece of fruit or small glass of OJ, and coffee.)  Watch some TV while eating and digesting.  Take a trip to the bathroom.  Get dressed, and head out the door!  I like to jog a half mile or so and do a dynamic warm-up before the race starts as well.  Kiss my hubby, and I’m good to go!

6.    If you could run anywhere in the world, where would that be?
Wow, I haven’t been a lot of places in the world, so I’m not really sure how to answer!  But, a few bucket list places would be New Zealand, the actual Marathon course in Greece, Hawaii, and Ireland.

7.    If you could have only wish in your running career be granted, what would that be?
Injury free for life!  I’d like to be running in my 90s.

8.    What is your worst running experience to date? How did you come back from it?
I had massive GI distress during my second marathon.  It was a little bit out of the blue, so I was incredibly frustrated and so disappointed!  I had a great training season for that marathon, and was in excellent running shape.  In fact, my “running time” was over a 10 minute PR from my first marathon, but the added “pit stop” time made my overall time much slower. 

When I got home, I focused on the fact that my running time was fast.  That I had performed well, despite my tummy troubles.  I switched up my goals for the rest of the year, and had some really great runs and races through the fall, including a massive 10 mile PR, and a tie with my half marathon PR that wasn’t even race effort! 

I took that training into my next marathon and had zero trouble and a big PR.  With the right mindset and focus, you can come back strong from any setback!

9.    What advice do you have for those who are just beginning their interest in running?
Take it slow, be patient, and enjoy it!  Don’t worry about what your friends, family, or social media people are doing.  Focus on running for your own reasons and goals. 

And get properly fitted for shoes!

10. What race do you wish of competing in (or) what race has been your favorite to date?
There are lots of marathons that I would like to do, so I’ll focus on my favorite to date!

I absolutely loved my first marathon, the Twin Cities Marathon.  It boasts being the most beautiful urban marathon in the country, and indeed, it is.  The race organization was fantastic, the weekend went smoothly, as did race day.  It was a phenomenal course, with people cheering literally every mile!  Just an amazing atmosphere and a wonderful experience.  I’d recommend it to anyone looking for their next marathon!

11. (Finish this sentence) “I cannot leave for a run without ____”
Sunglasses.  Weird, maybe, but I can live without a lot of things.  Just need sunglasses year round!

12. Tell us about a moment where running has changed your life.
I think it actually might have been when I completed my first half marathon.  I was still pretty new to running at that point, just figuring a lot of stuff out.  But I knew I loved it, I knew I loved being part of the running community, and I knew I loved how it made me feel to complete these challenges.  That’s about the time I decided that I wanted to become a personal trainer, and that has been life changing.

13. Tell us how you stay motivated. What inspires you?
My clients inspire me!  They work hard to reach their goals, and that keeps me pushing toward mine.  Races are good for my motivation, but other training goals keep me on track as well.  I always have something written down to strive toward!

14. What aspect of running challenges you the most?
Recovery.  I tend to get a little lazy about that part.  It can be hard to fit in all the running, cross training, stretching, etc., trying to keep your body feeling good.

15.  What is your go to power song?
Oh, I never run with music, ever.  Big no-no!  However, my power song for working out or Spinning is probably Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. 

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Kourtney! Kourtney is a must follow blogger!  Connect with Kourtney now! 

Instagram: @kourtneyrunsstl

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