Monday, March 10, 2014

Massage Chairs, Running Mags & Cadbury Creme Eggs

Friday: Online Barre3 Workout (30 mins), Walked the dog (45 mins)
Saturday: 5.5 Mile Run (with the dog)
Sunday: Eliptical/lower body weights (45 mins)

Well, it's Monday again. 
I hope your weekend was absolutely wonderful! 

Our weekend felt jam-packed but in a very good way. Saturday morning, I took the pup out on a 5.5 mile run. He was so happy being out on the trails again. As mentioned in my Virtual Coffee Date post, I haven't been running him as frequently (he HATES the rain...and when it's dark outside). So I'm hoping that with daylight savings time, we will be able to get out a lot more frequently together.
  He wasn't too thrilled during the last mile as the rain started to dump on us.

He was a wet little pup and wanted to do nothing but sleep the rest of the day...mission accomplished! 
 We spent Saturday afternoon doing a little furniture shopping. Danny got distracted by some massage chairs. I literally had to pry him off of the chair. If they weren't $2,000 I think that I would actually buy one. Seriously. The calf and foot massage on this thing were INSANE. Give me one of these bad boys after my 13 miles, please! 
We visited a couple stores and finally found what we wanted (at the last shop we went to, of course). I also feel the need to mention that I have apparently been living under a rock because I was unaware of the absolute AMAZINGNESS that is Cost Plus World Market. I had to refrain from buying every single item in that store. I have been there once but obviously didn't really spent too much time in there because had I have, I am pretty sure I would have been living at this store every weekend! Needless to say, I will be back very soon Cost Plus. Dropping a few hundred was apparently not enough for me. :) 

I received my Runners World mag which completely made my day. I love curling up on the couch with this little magazine and a glass of wine, pure heaven to me. Every couple of issues I find a few articles that absolutely speak to me. They help me get through ruts, strengthen my workouts and so on. This month, I found a few great articles that did just that. 

 I thought this was interesting...

 I have also really wanted to get back into hill running. I have been neglecting this lately. A lot of people ask me about running hills, we all hate them but they hurt OH-SO good. And they're incredibly beneficial to your overall fitness. 

I always struggle with mental toughness. I liked these tips (below) and I found #3 to be a nice reminder that your mind gives up before your body does. Often, my brain tells me I'm all done! TIRED. WALK...ALLLL DONE ASHLEY! However, my legs still feel fresh and the rest of my body really isn't in pain, just tired. 
(Yes, I do have conversations with myself during each run, ha! Don't we all?!?)

While running errands, I found THESE! If you haven't had a Cadbury Creme Egg, you legitimately have never lived. I saw the Easter candy as we walked into Target and literally RAN to the candy aisle. DARN YOU delicious Cadbury treats--tempting me with your creamy filling! 
Yeah, so, this is definitely not on the no sugar diet. And I'm sure there are plenty of other terrible things that make this taste so glorious. But don't tell me what they are, I eat these once a year, I don't wanna know.  :) 

Did you have an eventful weekend?
Have you ever had a Cadbury Creme Egg?
Have you ever wanted a massage chair??


  1. I honestly think I'm the only person I know who does not love those egg things! Eek! My weekend has been pretty laid back, which I've loved!

    1. Seriously?! Maybe I just love them because they remind me of my childhood. :) I'm glad you had a relaxed weekend, Kayla!