Sunday, March 9, 2014

Virtual Coffee Date

Good morning, good morning! It's Sunday and that means it's time for...

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you that...My instagram and Twitter have been blowing up with the LA Marathon. It really makes me revisit the idea of running a marathon this year. I keep struggling with this idea since I have had so many issues with my hips/knees while just running a half. I am constantly picturing what it would feel like to finish a marathon--the pride you must feel, the joy of pure accomplishment! I would love to feel that one day. I know I'm capable, I just need more training before I attempt one. I am scared to absolute death of injury and the possibility of not being able to run. If I couldn't run, I think I would go crazy. 
Any marathon advice?? 
Have any of you had hip/knee problems and still completed a marathon? 
If so, how did you overcome those pains (or train for it)?

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you that...I have enjoyed a balance of sleep and exercise this week. I feel downright guilty if I don't get a morning workout in but this week, I let myself SLEEP and ignored my self-loathing. I only ended up exercising TWICE during the work week. I felt so unbelievably rested though. And interestingly enough, I found that I enjoyed my Saturday run SO much more. I didn't moan or groan or even force myself to get out of bed. I actually wanted to run. I think that not training for anything right now is making me enjoy running so much more. The winter months are insanely hard sometimes!

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you that...I love running with my pup. He loves to run so much! He looks insanely happy and free when he runs. It makes my heart melt. I'm glad that it is starting to be lighter much earlier so that he will be interested in running with me in the mornings again (he likes to sleep in). I really want to commit to running with him once or twice weekly. He has high anxiety so I also believe that the exercise really helps him. I also love that he is only 20 pounds and runs like a bunny rabbit, it kills me every time I watch him run.

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you that...I'm really excited for the Shamrock Run here in Portland this weekend. It's just such a fun race. This is my 3rd year doing it and every year it's filled with THOUSANDS of participants and is always pure chaos. It is an unbelievably happy race too--there are always happy spectators and because there are so many people involved, you just feel the good vibes.There's beer at the finish line but I always just head straight to wherever there is food is at.  So I'm looking forward to a great workout (with the monster --> Terwilliger  hill--which actually isn't really isn't that bad) and eating my weight in hash browns, eggs and pancakes! 
Best part of doing a race? THE EATING afterward! 

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you that...Recently a friend of mine and I were discussing the book The 5 Love Languages. Have you ever read or heard of it? It's incredibly interesting! I kind of knew ahead of time what my languages would be and sure enough, I was right. My love languages were, acts of service and quality time. I am not one who feels the need to receive gifts, time and thoughtfulness mean the world to me. That is how I feel appreciated--do something kind for me and be there for me. What about you? Have you ever thought about what your love language was? I have found that it truly benefits my relationships with others when I know what their love language is. 


  1. Can't wait for Shamrock! I love all the people downtown, such a cluster, but a lot of energy. This will be my 4th year. Do you go home to eat afterward or out somewhere?

    As for the marathon - I'd ask a running doc what they think. I know you've been through painful stuff and it would really stink to start training and not be able to actually do the marathon! My guess is there is a way for you to make it happen!

    1. I'm extremely excited for the Shamrock as well. Sometimes we go out to eat but I have also been known to come home and make a giant brunch for friends and family.

      I also agree that I need to consult a running doc.