Friday, April 4, 2014

Spartan Race Series: GIVEAWAY!!

It's Friday! Whoo hoo! 
What a fun week of posts! Thank you so very much to all of the AWESOME fitness bloggers who took the time to share their stories with us this week. Make sure to check each and every one of them out, they are such an inspiration of health and positivity!

Okay, so today I am beyond stoked because I have been asked by the Spartan Race Series team to share a little bit about their race AND to offer a GIVEAWAY to my readers!
It's going to be a good day.

Have you ever heard of the Spartan Race Series?

This race is AWESOME! I have always been inspired by people who participate in these high intensity, obstacle course races. It's something I have always considered trying. Perhaps this post will finally give me the kahunas I need to finally sign up for one! Voted the best obstacle course race of 2012, the Spartan Race is built to challenge any individual as they face their fears and embrace their inner BEAST! What I love about this race is that there are varying levels of difficulty, fit to challenge any individual. You can start with the Spartan Sprint and work your way up to the Death Race.
I wanted to share a part of their mission statement with you, as I fully support and admire what they have created.
Spartan Race is on a mission to get you active, healthy, excited about change, and return to our ancient roots where running through woods, getting dirty, and facing adversity was part of everyday life. Our events are all about challenging today’s perception of normal.
   Want to know more? Check out this video.

I love the personal testimonies at the end. It's truly empowering to know that you can face your fears, overcome life's most terrifying moments and come out on top. 
I mean seriously! 
So cool.

Feeling excited??
I know I am!

Concerned about training for this race?
 No problem! Check out their group training opportunities in your area now. You also have the option to receive their WOD (workout of the day) sent to your inbox with this philosophy in mind:
Spartan WOD Philosophy: Only with a healthy body and mind can one achieve greatness. 

And let's not forget about the gear!! 
Check out the OFFICIAL shoe of the Spartan Race series by Reebok.
These shoes are crafted with killer components that will get you to the finish line!
Strategically placed drainage ports (allows water in & out)
Rock Guard: 
Helps protect your feet from sharp objects and rocks.
Obstacle Grip: 
Mid-foot teeth that provide additional traction and protection on ropes and walls.

This is exactly the type of shoe you want for a race like this one! These obstacle courses offer extreme situations where you are running through thick, slippery mud, climbing ropes, jumping over walls and treading water. Shoes built to take on these conditions will be the most reliable so that you can be your best self on race day! You don't want any other shoe on that course, but this one!

Want to see them in action? 

Lucky for you, these bad boys are in stores NOW, so check them out HERE (along with other all terrain shoe options) and snag a pair yourself!

Alright, now the moment you all have been waiting for...


I will be announcing the winner NEXT FRIDAY 4/11/14  so you have ALL WEEK to enter!

Spartan Race Series Entry!

This free entry will work one time for any open heat (non-confirmed start time) in any 2014 Spartan Race in the continental US. 
This is a sponsored post.

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