Monday, September 30, 2013

Case Of The Mondays...

Monday: 4 miles "Easy Pace"  GPS wasn't working again, so I couldn't track my actual pace + stairs (4 x 7 floors with high knees)

Today was very much a Monday. I didn't want to get out of bed what-so-ever, it was dark and rainy. Running was the absolute last thing I wanted to do this morning, my bed was so much more inviting. Instead, I held to my original plan to run a few easy miles today and adjusted the time of day to after work instead of before work.

I had a great run outside around the grounds where I work. What made this run even better was that I managed to catch the dry and actually kind of sunny, one hour break between downpours and gusty winds. After running my 4 mile route, I decided to incorporate some stairs into my workout. I loved mixing it up today, it made things interesting. It works for my mental game too. When I continually do the same workouts, I burn out...quickly.

 Here are a few quick shots I took while running today (and yes, it feels very awkward to stop and take photos during runs. I do it for you, people...I do it for you.) :-)

Trail Run...check!

7 flights of stairs...check!

Workout...complete. (I was trying to look tough...not so successful.)

Moral of this post, keep the promise you made yourself. Commit to a healthier lifestyle and make it a priority in your daily schedule. It's important.  
How do you manage to squeeze your workouts in? Do you have any tips to keep your healthy lifestyle on track?

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