Thursday, October 3, 2013

Quality vs Quantity

Thursday: Lower Body Weights (Nike Training Club) + A lot of stretching!

Which is more important when it comes to training? Is it the amount of time you put in or is it the quality of the workout itself? The other day, I woke up with my cup of coffee catching up on emails and listening to the news. My coffee took extra long this particular morning to kick in so I was out the door later than planned for my originally scheduled gym workout. By the time I made it to the gym, I had 45 minutes to exercise. I had previously planned for a run and weights, but there was no time for that was one or the other. When my time is limited, I shoot for a workout that will push my abilities and make me work the hardest. It made me think about this concept of quality versus quantity.

For me, I think both are important. When time is limited, the quality of your workout means much more than the time you have available. I can get an equally difficult workout in 20 minutes as I could in an hour run. Both are very different workouts but both can equally push my abilities for a beneficial experience. At the same time, I have had plenty of time to exercise but my workout was less than productive. Yes, we all have days where we lose a bit of inspiration and our workouts suffer... However, I think that I agree most with the quality of the workout itself. It's not about going to the gym for an hour, it's about working your body to it's limits and feeling the burn. That could take 20 minutes or 50, either way, a good workout is a good workout!

What about you? Is quality or quantity more important when it comes to workouts? I want to know. Share your thoughts!

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