Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mighty Picks

Sorry for the delay in my weekly Mighty Picks post! We have been crazy busy over here--big things going on in the SBMRunner's household (can't wait to share with you)! So bear with me friends, I may be a bit behind on posts but I promise I will get my act together soon enough! So for are my Mighty Picks of the week!

Kale salad with currants and almonds with a shallot and lemon vinaigrette. This salad is full of antioxidants, vitamins and provides enough energy to get through the afternoon. It's a light lunch option that is able to keep me full without feeling overly stuffed mid-day. 
Chocolate almond milk. I love having a glass of chocolate almond milk right after a long run. It helps restore my sore muscles after miles of hard work. 
My new mini grid foam roller. Now, I don't know if you remember, but I listed this on my Holiday Gift Guide For Runners. I was overjoyed when I found it listed on Groupon a few weeks ago. It finally came this week and I was so eager to test it out! It's so portable and perfect for travel (which is AWESOME since I will be traveling in two weeks for a race. I can take it with me to roll it ouuuuut)
"The Diamond Pose" It's a pose in Barre3 that challenges your hips. With my hips being a weaker part of my body, this move has really given those muscles a good BURN.
The pose is conducted laying on one side of your body. With knees bent and legs open, bottoms of your feet touching, hand on hip, your legs should be in the shape of a diamond. Making small movements (an inch up, an inch down) squeeze your thighs and slightly bend the top leg toward the lower. After about 50 movements, your behind will absolutely cramp! Whew! It hurts.
Free run this week without worry about time/distance. It really just felt good to be outside running after not being able to for 5 days due to the snow. 
Power Song:

"I'm The Man" Aloe Blacc--Love this song! My husband added it to his workout playlist and it automatically uploaded to my workout playlist as well (we love all the same music). It was awesome because I wasn't expecting this song on my playlist and it came on during the end of my run--giving me that boost of confidence (Even though I'm not "the man", I felt like "the WO-man"!) :)

What were your favorite moments/picks of the week?
How was your Valentine's Day?
Did you do anything special for YOU? 

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