Thursday, April 24, 2014

SPARTAN UP! With Joe De Sena

I'm thrilled to share yet another glorious post about the Spartan Series! However, this time I'm not just talkin' about the race, I'm talkin' about the BOOK! 

SPARTAN UP! Have you heard of it?

 The awesome team over at the Spartan Race Series asked me if I could read over a brief synopsis of the Spartan Race Series creator, Joe De Sena's new book (yep, you guessed it) SPARTAN UP! 

I've gotta tell ya...I was thoroughly impressed! I'm not kidding. 

{Here are a few brief notes that stuck with me after reading the synopsis}
  • I was in complete "awe" of Joe's ability to encourage all of us to look fear in the face and take it head on. He draws comparisons to his races as challenges we face in life--a 12 foot greased wall is compared to a lifetime of failed relationships. He refers to that feeling of hopelessness but that we all have the ability to keep going forward. That's life...and that is what the Spartan Race is all about.  
  • His thoughts on delayed-gratification. I found this quite thought provoking. He refers to scientific testing and the lifelong effects of individuals who are able to find delayed-gratification as opposed to those who are unable to wait. To sum it up, you got it, individuals who were able to find gratification after longer periods of time, were much more successful in their lifetime. Discipline is what allows us to reach our full potential and Joe helps us understand that in this book.
  • Joe speaks to the observation that our society has become so dependent on what is basically, "the easy way out." We have forgotten what it feels like to accomplish something difficult and to put the true work in.
  • Joe briefly speaks about his own life--his challenging childhood, his various career paths and what ultimately led him to create the Spartan Race experience. Not to mention that Joe has pretty much done it all-- Marathons, Ultra Marathons (as in Badwater--for those of us who are familiar with outrageous marathons, Badwater is pretty much the top of the insanity totem pole), triathlons and ironman (to name a few). So in other words, this guy KNOWS his stuff. He's been there and done it ALL
  • This book is a manual to living the spartan lifestyle. Joe gives you the tools to take control of your life and to go after your goals without fear. 
In fact, I'll let Joe speak briefly about his book, himself. 
Yep! This is Joe De Sena the creator of the Spartan Race Series and the writer of SPARTAN UP!

I think that the only complaint I have, is that I didn't have more to read! 
The synopsis wasn't enough, I wanted to read more. I felt a fire begin to burn inside and I wanted to know more about Joe, about the Spartan Races and about how I can discover and unleash my inner spartan. Well, luckily for me (and for you) you can PRE-ORDER Joe's book right NOW! 

And in case you needed another video for inspiration...check this out.

Make sure your hands on this book today! 
This is the real deal. You guys know that I wouldn't be sharing this if I didn't absolutely believe in it. So what are you waiting for?! Keep me posted if you order the book so we can share thoughts! I can't wait!!

Have you ever participated in a Spartan Race? 
What were your thoughts on it?

What do you think of this book?
Do you think it would inspire you?

*This is a sponsored post. Sometimes I am given the opportunity to share products in exchange for either product or monetary compensation. My thoughts are all my own and are not influenced by the payment I receive. I will always give my honest opinion to my readers.

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